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Business Incubator

Pandemic has left masses searching for Mentors. People are looking for sources and avenues to earn. In many more cases, layers of people intend to build an alternative source of income. In either case, they need mentoring. From which business they may launch, to helping them launch, guide and support all through the phase of pre- to post-launch and beyond.  

Cyber Security

With the change in the way we work, movement from physical offices to homes, everything is more dependent upon the internet and online.  With the opportunities that this transition is providing, the threats are increasing too. Become a cyber-security expert and provide training and troubleshooting services. 

Consulting Services

You essentially possess one or more skills that people out there need. It can be communication skill, dressing well skills, presentation skills, writing skills, children story reading skills, or simply housekeeping skills. Launch your own Consulting services in the areas of your skills. Make videos or provide professional guidance and support to the masses. 

Plant, Equipment & Tools for Dairy Farming Industry

With a global population on the rise, every single living human being uses milk or related products from simple milk to yoghurt and ice-cream. Dairy Farm's can't cope with the demand if they continue to use traditional milking and production practices. They have to switch to the new Plants, equipment and tools. A huge market exists to market Dairy Farm PET abroad. 

Self Publishing Books

Time has changed. Now you do not need a traditional Publishers to publish a book by charging hefty costs upfront and printing and distributing all over the country and outside. Nobody knows whether every book printed will ever see the door of any reader. Time has changed. Now you can upload your write-ups to the Self Publishing businesses. You start marketing your book. Orders will go to the Publishers. They will print a book and dispatch to the customer. Publishers will retain their cost giving you your share. Work with self-publishing companies and print books waiting to be published. Your business will help writers write more creative and readers to access that material, without involving any investment by the writer. 

Write Children Stories

We all grew up listening and remembering Baba Black Sheep for decades.. That and similar stories were conceived when nobody knew about any world outside. Time has changed now. We must pass on new stories to the next generation. Conceive new children stories and publish them. 

Conceive TV Programmes

TV programmes as we know them, are almost one and the same on one TV channel or the other. Why not start conceiving new TV programmes based on your own interests, need and choices. If you have a different choice then what's on the telly, then there would be many many more potential viewers out there who would have similar choices of programmes. Formalise your ideas and approach TV Channels. Rest assured that each TV channel is always interested in launching new and unique tv programmes as severe competition doesn't let them sit idle.  

Home Exercise Machine Supply

Pandemic and lockdowns have left people to work from home.  Lack of physical activity may harm people mentally and their general wellbeing. Launch a business of supplying home exercise machines.  

Due Diligence Service

Business is closing down. Owners don't know to whom they can sell their businesses and what prices. Others wish to buy businesses being sold, but unable to ascertain what is this business worth. In either case, a professional Business Due Digilgenc service is required. 

Recipe Ready Box of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables for Home Delivery

Physical and mental wellbeing is largely dependent upon what we eat. Healthy and fresh. But do most of us eat healthy and fresh daily all the time and every time? No. Why not launch a business of Recipe Ready Box of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables for Home Delivery. 

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