Business Plan for UK Sole Representative Visa

A Business Plan of Employer/Parent Company is a mandatory document to support Sole Representative Visa application for the United Kingdom.

Purpose & Reader

Two key factors we must appreciate whilst developing a Business Plan include the Purpose and the ultimate Reader.

The Purpose of writing a Business Plan to support Sole Representative Visa is to provide a complete insight into the operations that the Employer/Parent Company wishes to launch in the United Kingdom.

The ultimate Reader of such a Business Plan is none other than the caseworker and officials of the concerned UK Authorities.

The Business Plan must be simple to understand for any reader who may and may not be from a Business background.

Information should flow in sequential order that every reader can follow.

All contents must be logical which the reader can find practical, workable, realistic and achievable.

The Reader must be able to understand the process through which the Employer/Parent Company would set up its UK operations and how these operations will practically work.

Contents of a Business Plan

Essential components of a Business Plan for Sole Representative Visa would be slightly different from those of a conventional and traditional Business Plan.

For Conus Consulting UK, the most crucial aspects to be included in such a Business Plan are:

  • How would you penetrate the UK market when coming from abroad?

  • What is the provenance of the information contained in the Business Plan?

more to follow soon..

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