Delivery Systems - All Change Please, All Change

Image courtesies: Wired, Mediapost & Dezeen

When more difficult times will come, when lesser people would go out on the streets, when businesses will compete by saving on costs and spending,, the customer will turn out to be the winner.

But the key to virtual businesses will still be the delivery of physical products. May it is pizza or the latest laptop, the delivery has to come physically.

Best on saving costs and spending will be to move delivery by delivery man to delivery by Robots and as widely called Bots.

Few have already started. It's not enough. Many more have to start and start soon.

Entrepreneurs this is yet another opportunity for you to talk to companies which can make the delivery robots.

Many investors you will find queued up for you to coin the different facets of the designing, developing and manufacturing of robots.

Best of luck, it's your time.

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