How to Improve the chances of successfully applying for Jobs in the United Kingdom?

Do you ask these questions?

Do you apply for jobs and do not receive responses?

You do not know who is allowed to recruit overseas nationals!!!

Why do I don't receive responses to my job applications?

Numerous reasons

There may be numerous reasons for no response to your job applications, but there is one aspect you need to know first.

Employers who wish to recruit overseas nationals, need to have permission from the Authorities in the United Kingdom.

They need to apply for obtaining such a permission.

Successful Employers get a document called Sponsor Licence. which allows them to recruit overseas nationals.

Every employer who has a Sponsor Licence is included in a Register of Licensed Sponsors (workers). This register normally known as Sponsor Register is maintained by the Authorities in the United Kingdom.

Most of the applicants approach through Recruitment Agencies without knowing whether the employers are licensed or not.

Despite having vacancies, most of the employers could not respond to the applicants because such employers do not have permission to recruit overseas nationals.

Easy Route

Before applying for a job in the United Kingdom, search Sponsor Register. Official and updated Sponsor Register is available from the website of the British Authorities. Check the link below:, you can also download the register:

How to use the Sponsor Register?

Sponsor Register lists the names of the Employers, their location, permissions and type of jobs they are allowed to recruit.

Identify a potential employer.

Check their website

Most Employers post Job Vacancies on their websites. Check the vacancies and identify those that suit you.

Apply directly with the Employers.

Fee, Cost, Charges & Expenses

You have so far not incurred any cost in following the above steps.

Best of luck to all.

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