Register a Patent Design in the United Kingdom

If an innovator chooses to protect an invention in the United Kingdom, various options available. Each option has its own level of ease or complexity and cost and benefits. However, in every circumstance, a decision should be made as to whether it would be really beneficial to patent the invention.

How to decide whether Patenting an invention is feasible?

Various factors revolve around a consideration to patent an invention or otherwise. From reputation, recognition and legacy to financial benefits, inheritance, national pride and beyond, each factor plays differently with every inventor.

A good starting point in all the cases would be to develop a Business Plan to ascertain both tangible and intangible objectives to achieve from invention and patenting.

Securing a Patent is challenging

The process is tedious, the time taken is long and the cost is high. In case of enforcement of a patented invention, the whole legal process is to be started, handled and funded by the patentee.

In the majority of the cases, the time to secure a patent stretches to years. There are threats that others may develop something of the sort in the meantime. This leads to a, relatively easy, cost-effective and faster solution to protect an invention.

Appearance vs How it works?

Registering the invention as a design is an option for the inventors. How does it look, its appearance, its design may be registered instead of patenting the invention where intricacies like how it works also get involved. Registered Design is a relatively easy, cost-effective and faster solution to protect an invention when compared with a patent. (Design Right .. more..

Professional Advice

The best in every case is to obtain professional advice, especially when planning to patent the invention in the United Kingdom.

Patent Guide

Download Patent Guide prepared by the Intellectual Office of the United Kingdom. The Guide is an effective handbook for analysing and interpreting patent data including Patent Classifications to the Value of Patents.

Download here

More information, download here:

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