So what is happening in the United Kingdom?

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The United Kingdom has come out of the European Union. It has been equally hit by pandemic as any other country. The government has chosen to move the country under lockdown.


The UK has been under lockdown for many months now. All except essential services and works are closed. Many businesses have shut down. Many have been under winding up. Many are changing hands. Many are barely surviving. The situation is distressing.


Now vaccines are available in the United Kingdom. More than one manufacturer has released its vaccines. Abundant vaccines are now available and are being administered at meriting galloping pace.

The country will soon start coming out of the lockdown. Few steps have been announced which will lead to a full exit, however, everything is based on the data instead of any dates.


The government has announced grants, concessions, relief and enormous support to the businesses such as £4.6 billion lockdown grants, Job retention, loan, and furlough schemes.

Role of Accountants in Economic Recovery

Accountants could heal the Economy battered by Pandemic

So, businesses are the core part of the overall economy of any country. If businesses are doing good, unemployment will be falling, the money will be changing hands uninterruptedly, the government must be collecting the taxes, production of goods and services will be rolling out as usual.


But when such an economic activity is hampered by something like a pandemic, the survival of businesses become difficult. They fail to understand how to survive. In many cases, they do not have never secured Business Diagnostic Services. They never knew about Business Planning, Business Contingency Planning or Business Continuity Planning. They could not plot Financial Projections to really know what will come and when and what will go out and when.


In such a situation, the businesses would probably revere Professional Accountants, the most. If you have an Accounting practice outside the United Kingdom, you may consider opening your Branch in the United Kingdom.


Send your Partner or a Senior Employee to represent your business in the United Kingdom. No minimum mandatory requirement to invest to open your branch. You may consider buying a running Accounting Practice in the United Kingdom.

You may offer services to the business and entrepreneurs directly and/or the Accountancy practices who are short of the requisite skills when translated into the current market need.

And much more...

The Process

The process may start from Visiting the United Kingdom for a quick and short time. See for yourself.

Alternatively, you may get a Feasibility Report, Business Plan and Financial Projections before you take any further decision.

Accountants, probably you hold the key to the much-needed economic recovery.

Think and Take the First Step!

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