UK Visa: Start-up & Innovator Visa

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

So what is required under Start-up and Innovator Visas?

Business Idea

The Business Idea has to be Innovative, Scalable and Viable. What does make a Business Idea into an Innovative idea? Simply speaking, we may try to add Technological aspect to the otherwise traditional and conventional business idea to make it Innovative. Click here for some Business Suggestions.

Endorsement Letter

Specifically identified Endorsement Bodies are authorised to grant Endorsement Letters. Each Endorsement Body does not accept applications covering all business ideas. Not every Endorsement Body is accepting applications all the time. Some are accepting applications on regional basis, others are accepting under their chosen sphere and yet others are still planning what to do.

Business Plan & Financial Projections

In some cases, Endorsement Bodies accept application for Endorsement Letter without a Business Plan and Financial Projections. But this is the prerogative of each Endorsement Body to set up their own requirements and when to change. In all circumstances, however, preparing a professional Business Plan and Financial Projections will be helpful.


In almost every case, Endorsement Bodies are expected to conduct interviews of the applicants. Applicants need to prepare for interview covering aspects such as Business Idea and the matters covered under Business Plan and Financial Projections.


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