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t2i Traditional to Innovative

Institute of Rubbish Arts

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Conceiving new project ideas is a challenge, a challenge that Conus.UK accepts with pleasure.  Every project is driven by creative and innovative ideas with a potential to serve masses. From transition of the traditions to the innovative future, conversion of the rubbish into a visually attractive art, and opening up parks for entrepreneurs to help their talent blossom, Conus.UK is working on many more project ideas. Conus.UK is ready to provide creative and innovative project ideas to Businesses, Institutions, Organisations, and Entities of any size and any configuration from any sector or region around the world. 

  • t2i Traditional to Innovative

    From driving cars to using Cable Cars, from buying Vegetables from shops to Vegetation at Home and beyond, things have to change. Pandemic teaches us to be ready for challenges and threats. And this is where things will start to change.

  • Institute of Rubbish Art

    As much as rubbish is out there, that much that opportunities exist. Why not use the rubbish to create Art? Let's open up our imagination. Let's get ourselves free from restraints and become creators. Creators of Art. 

  • Parks for Entrepreneurs

    Lockdowns could lock the creativity of many entrepreneurs. For the mental health and welfare of many, Parks may provide a place to conceive, create and coin what comes to entrepreneurs minds. Let them run their businesses from Parks and let the creativity flourish.

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